Therapy, simply stated is a conversational process held in a safe, confidential setting where you can openly share and explore your concerns, feelings, and hopes with a trained, caring professional.

The goal is to reduce suffering and develop skills for living a happier, more productive, and creative life.

How do you know when individual therapy is the right approach for you? The short answer is: when things feel broken and you don’t know how to fix them. You may feel angry, or depressed, or stuck in a vicious circle—wanting to change your life but not knowing how or if you can. And you may want to make changes in your life even when those around you—your partner, for example—are not interested in doing so.

My approach to therapy is solution oriented. What does this mean? It means that I work with you to help resolve your problems as quickly as possible while giving you the tools to achieve a sense of competence, calm, and self-acceptance.

Chippewa music

Sometimes I go about
pitying myself,
And all the time
I am being carried
on great winds across the sky.