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We all would like our lives to be full, centered and harmonious. But, inevitably, life presents each of us with daily challenges and difficulties.

Sometimes those difficulties seem beyond our control, the death of a loved one, sudden unemployment failing health, family discord.

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At other times our problems seem to well up from within, nagging anxiety, uncontrollable anger, unnamable depression, cycles of addiction.

Our ability to navigate confidently through stressful and difficult situations in life is crucial to maintaining a sense of equilibrium and joy.

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It is appropriate and, at times necessary to seek the expertise of a professional psychotherapist or coach to help us explore new perspectives, formulate a new plan, or develop the ability to be more gentle with ourselves.

Psychotherapy can be useful when we want help to find our way through confusion and relieve distress. Coaching is a collaborative learning process that helps us discover our priorities, strategize a plan, and maximize our personal and professional potential.

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My approach to therapy blends psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness based principles and practices. My approach is solution oriented. That is, I believe we all have the power to solve our problems and achieve happier lives through conscious choices and practical actions. Insight is important. Skillful action is essential. In the process, you will achieve a deeper sense of competence, calm and self-acceptance.

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Psychotherapy & Coaching

Psychotherapy can help you find your way through confusion and relieve emotional distress.

Couples Therapy can help a couple gain insight into their relationship, improve communication, resolve conflicts more effectively and contribute to the building of a more conscious relationship.

Coaching is a collaborative conversation that can help you maximize your personal and professional assets.

My aim is to help you take constructive action toward realizing your fondest aspirations as individuals, couples or as members of a family. If you are motivated to live life more fully now, and move into the future with confidence and positive anticipation, I will serve as your guide.