Family Therapy has been proven to be an effective way to explore and resolve upsets and conflicts that occur in a family situation.

The advantage of family therapy is that members of the family are involved in the therapeutic conversation. This puts the focus on the whole family system and illuminates how individual feelings, needs and behaviors play out and effect the whole family system.

For example, one family member’s depression—particularly if it results in substance or physical abuse—does not affect or concern only the individual. Rather, the effects of that depression and destructive behavior radiate back and forth between all family members—and beyond. An experienced family therapist can highlight and explain family interactions and, in doing so, illuminate alternative behaviors for all family members. Family Therapy can help create an atmosphere of understanding and compassion. The process can ultimately be deeply satisfying, life-changing and most importantly, lay the foundation for more loving familial relationships.


All night, this soft rain
from the distant past,
No wonder I sometimes
waken as a child. .

-Ted Kooser